LEAF student and teacher from Thomond Community College, Anna Linehan and Eric O’Donnell, participated at the UN Education for Sustainable Development gathering in May 2021. Anna and Eric were supported by teacher and colleague Veronica Lavin. They represented LEAF Global and Eco-Schools Global!

On 18 May, they joined the session “ESD in secondary education”. The session explored how ESD activities could be best introduced in secondary education and discussed some success factors in effectively implementing ESD.

During her time in Thomond Community College, Anna consistently displayed an awareness of environmental issues, while also balancing that with an understanding of how communities, both local and global, need to be able to provide for themselves.

Anna has taken part in the LEAF programme here is Ireland, as well as the preparation and planting of An Coill Bheag (a little woodland) at the back of the school, helping to greatly enhance the biodiversity of the school.

Anna has also been an active member of the Green-Schools Eco Committee and engaged in activities that encourage staff and pupils to think about their actions on #biodiversity.

Anna said: “I would love to participate in the UNESCO Conference panel, as I have a curiosity and will to discover what can be done for sustainable development, such as awareness of unnecessary consumption and what can be done in our communities. It is important for our earth to thrive off our actions, as we put work into our schools, companies and all around community.”